Welcome to Think Tank Consulting

Think Tank™ Consulting is a globally operating multidimensional Consulting Group and its services fall into two broad categories.  At the policy level, it supports government authorities & departments, autonomous bodies, international development agencies, development finance institutions (DFIs), banking sector, non profit organizations and academic institutions in strategy formulation & implementation particularly where the organizations need to supplement or outsource their public research & analysis due to need of independent professional work or constraint of internal resource/capacity.

At the corporate-level, Think Tank™ Consulting provides specialized services to domestic and international commercial organizations mainly in the areas of investment advisory, tax planning, corporate finance, islamic banking, corporate governance, market research, organization design & development, human capital development, social, academic & professional education, audit, evaluation, valuation, microfinance, risk management and  forensic investigation. Its presence in different disciplines enables Think Tank™ Consulting to synergize its output.

While rendering services at policy and corporate levels, Think Tank™ Consulting is also contributing towards the betterment of society through various interventions, particularly focusing education because it believes that education is the only way through which solid sustainable improvement can be brought in the marginalized / undermined communities in the context of Pakistan and other developing countries.